domain registration and hosting

How Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration Works?

If you’re currently working on building a website, there are few elements you must know. Web hosting, domain name registration and DNS (Domain Name System) are some of these important terms you should understand.

Since your website includes files, data, and images, it needs a place to store. You can relate web hosting as an account on server that stores all your website content which is accessible via internet.

Domain name registration is all about borrowing human recognizable words or domain name (e.g., that basically points people towards particular website files via internet browser. Since digital world doesn’t recognize human readable words but mainly IP addresses. This is why you need to know how DNS works? DNS is a system which converts domain names into an IP address. Typically, it’s either domain name registrar or a web hosting company who will provide you with DNS (Domain Name System).

While there are many service providers who will provide you with combined domain name registration and web hosting services. This is an easier and convenient path to launch a website. Most domain names registrars also offers web hosting in their package and most hosting providers are into domain names selling. Examples are GoDaddy, NameCheap, InMotion Hosting, SiteGround and Bluehost.

Choosing a domain

A domain is your website’s name and include two things, a name and a top level domain (TLD). You can borrow domain names for a year and renew them annually from domain name registrars. You can also choose to buy everything bundled together or get the separate services elsewhere. While there are some companies that specialize in specific country domain names, there are many that would allow you to register the new top level domains (TLD) like restaurant, store, and club. As soon as you decide to register the name, you will get one or more domain name servers.

SSL Certificate

A lot of web hosting companies offers security to their website owners. Look for those providers that can provide you with SSL certificates. Although, they don’t do it directly, but they do it by means of an intermediary such as GeoTrust. An SSL certificate can result in encryption of sensitive data therefore it is crucial to those who accept user registration or ecommerce stores itself. This is because an encrypted data allows data theft prevention and put a stop to fraudulent schemes.


Simply, you can rely on web hosting companies to avail from web hosting to domain name registration services and everything that comes in between too.