Canadian Web Hosting Companies:

Top 3 Companies to Host Your Site

Here is a list of the top 3 best and most popular Canadian web hosting companies to consider for hosting your website!

Looking for a Canadian web hosting service provider? We know that with the hundreds of hosting providers out there, it can be daunting to find the right one that perfectly suits your needs. We have done the hard work for you and we have come up with a list of the top 3 best and most popular Canadian web hosting companies to consider for hosting your new website:

1. GreenGeeks:

This is one of the most popular web hosting service provider among Canadian small businesses, startups, and bloggers. Besides their user-friendly approach to web hosting, with two data centers in Canada and two in the US, this company establishes Tier 1 connections across US (or more specifically, across North America). Their security offerings are impeccable, including free SSH, free encrypted SSL, and SFTP, they also have an array of security services including Advanced Threat analysis, real-time scanning, and much more. Some of the key features this company offers are Linux hosting, fast & reliable web hosting, excellent customer support, great for all-purpose projects.

2. InMotion Hosting:

This company is best for US and Canadian business websites and online stores of all sizes. It is one of the top favorites that comes with high-performance web hosting for professional businesses all over the world. The data centers are located in Canada. This company provides various types of web hosting that meet the different needs of small, mid-size, and large businesses, including shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and much more. This is overall a top choice and a great company to host your new website. Some of the key features are business grade web hosting, various plans for all sizes, free SSL, domain, and SSD, reliable & affordable, great for web developers and designers, and awesome for WordPress websites.

3. Shopify:

Shopify is not a typical web hosting service provider. This company is based in Canada (created and designed by Canadians) and currently supports over 600.000 stores from all over the world. Shopify is one of the best and most popular ecommerce websites builders in the world. One of the things we like about Shopify is that you can create an online store in less than 10 minutes and you shouldn’t worry about web hosting. There is a secure web hosting included with every plan. If you haven’t already built your website or online store, Shopify is an excellent option for you to consider. You’ll have an opportunity to create, manage, and run your own store without looking for a separate web hosting service provider. Shopify can also take care of the domain name registration process. You can create and register a domain for your new websites and brand. If you haven’t picked a domain name yet, you can use Shopify domain name generator and come up with a catchy and unique name. You can purchase the domain through Shopify, you can use the current name or you can use the free domain from Shopify. Some of the key features are unlimited bandwidth, Level PCI 1 compliance, a chance to buy a domain name directly, hassle-free setup, 99.98% uptime, and fast servers.

There are a few factors that we’ve considered to determine what makes the above Canadian web hosting companies the best choice: performance, security, the types of features they offer, affordable price, customer support, and types of web hosting. Choosing the best Canadian web hosting service provider is like choosing any hosting company. Remember to consider your budget, business needs, and goals.

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